Attorney Michael Vereen offers his clients the reassurance of over 20 years of experience practicing law. With a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws, Michael Vereen is well-equipped to handle any of his clients' legal needs.

After graduating from the Emory University School of Law and passing the Georgia Bar, Michael Vereen opened his own practice in Kennesaw, Georgia. Michael Vereen’s practice focuses on criminal, bankruptcy, and DUI cases. Acutely aware of the stressful nature of filing for bankruptcy or facing DUI charges, Michael Vereen and his staff strive to alleviate their clients’ anxiety by addressing each case with the utmost respect and attention.

Michael Vereen understands that criminal or DUI arrests are extremely serious matters. He knows that officers issuing the citations have the advice and support of the prosecuting attorney’s office, and thus have access to their time, manpower, and resources to achieve a conviction. Michael Vereen also realizes that those who have been charged with a crime are frightened, worried, and unsure of the potentially grave consequences they may face. This is why he thoroughly researches and exhausts all possible avenues to fight for a client’s acquittal.

Michael Vereen details a few of the ways in which he tackles a case. He and his staff start by verifying whether or not the state can prove every aspect of its allegations. Being entitled to access all favorable reports and the identities of each testifying witness, Michael Vereen and his staff administer a rigorous investigation, sometimes finding enough information to prevent cases from ever going to trial. Although he cannot necessarily promise exoneration, Michael Vereen can guarantee that he and his employees will work as hard as possible to serve their clients to the best of their ability.